A long beach of golden sand about two kilometers long, completely free and separated in its length by an easily surmountable cliff, washed by a clear blue sea with a sloping seabed, ideal for children. Behind it is the eponymous archaeological site that stands on the site and a formation of dunes that give the landscape a sense of extreme tranquility.

The Archaeological Park of Caucana

The Archaeological Park preserves the remains of Greek rule. Excavations have uncovered an urbanistically interesting settlement with simple rectangular two- or three-room houses and many-room, multi-story buildings with staircases and courtyards, spread along a low coastal ridge that stretches about 700 m. The site constitutes one of the best-preserved examples of a late-antique settlement in Sicily. Other artifacts unearthed during the excavations, including notably bronze and terracotta oil lamps, glassware, table and kitchen ceramics, and transport amphorae, are now on display at the Hyblaean Archaeological Museum in Ragusa.

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