The Blue Sea and the beauty of the golden beaches

Culture, nature and flavors surround a sea from light blue to sapphire blue, crystal clear, clean with deep stretches and shallow sandy seabed, wide and long beaches bordered by fine golden sand dunes in an environment of mystical charm, breathtaking scenery and unspoiled and protected natural environments including the Mouth of the Irminio River, a beautiful nature reserve of historical and scenic interest. Lovely places to spend beautiful and truly relaxing moments with family, friends or even alone.

Among the seaside resorts rewarded with the Blue Flags 2022 banner are the Maganuco and Marina di Modica beaches, the Santa Maria del Focallo beach , and the Marina di Ragusa beach. In addition, Sampieri, Casuzze, Punta Secca and Caucana, and also Marina di Ragusa beach and Santa Maria del Focallo beach have been recognized as Green Flag 2022 beaches.

There is also no shortage of culinary delights in the small seaside villages that still cherish the traditions of ancient crafts and local flavors.

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Accessible tourism and quality hospitality

Fourth edition of “Sea without Borders”, sea accessible to all!

The service intended for people with disabilities to access, without architectural barriers at the beach, in spaces, specially designated to accommodate, support and meet special needs by counteracting obstacles that prevent the regular use of the sandy shores.
A project that, since its first year, has aimed to create functional pathways to accommodate people with disabilities with the presence of two operators per station.

Equipped stations of the Hyblean coast:
Ragusa – Marina di Ragusa, Tower Square
Modica – Mediterranean Square and Marina di Modica
Scicli – Riviera Ponente – Sabir beach club.
Ispica – Santa Maria del Focallo – Lido Otello
Santa Croce Camerina – Punta Secca – Piazza Faro

Sea for all 2022

“Sea for All” involves both the public and private sectors and has among its major partners the Port Authority of Syracuse, the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area and various Third Sector associations.

The sea and beaches of Enjoy Barocco

Light blue to sapphire blue, crystal clear, clean with deep stretches and shallow sandy bottoms, wide and long beaches surrounded by dunes of fine golden sand. Many beaches in Terra Barocca have been recognized as Green and/or Blue Flag 2022 beaches.

Enjoy Barocco