Toward a Unique Destination in Southeastern Sicily
For the revitalization of tourism

This site you are browsing on is the result of a tourism promotion project, designed and followed by the Terra Barocca LAG (Local Action Group), which unites the territories of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Santa Croce Camerina, linked by the desire to do development together. These municipalities are, all together, the “BaroqueLand,” the land of the sea, artistic and cultural heritage, quality agriculture and typicality.

A participatory process to promote the destination “Enjoy Barocco – sicilian experience” and to contribute to the revitalization of tourism and productive competitiveness of this area of Sicily.

The Enjoy Barocco Dmo project was born from a public-private partnership in response to a call for proposals issued by the Terra Barocca LAG. The promotion activity follows the lines indicated by the Masterplan for Tourism Development of Destination Terra Barocca (Measure 7.1 Operational Project 1/2019).

The purpose of this action is to define a tourism development project for the municipalities belonging to the LAG area that leverages the qualifying elements of the area and, in a sustainable vision, allows the various operators to present themselves on the tourism market in an organized and efficient way.

We believe in the potential of this area and are convinced that economic development depends first and foremost on the ability to stand together.

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Enjoy Barocco: beyond the architectural aspect

Baroque. Today we find this word, adjective or concept in such a position of global notoriety that we do not need to translate it or somehow explain it. One might linger on its supposed origin: an irregularly shaped pearl. Or we can dwell on the Baroque understood, to a more widespread extent, as a way of creating and thinking about forms in an excessive, redundant and visionary way. In both cases, the tendency toward complexity, decoration, and movement are connotations that define a very specific territory where Baroque lingers and transcends all that its history tells; Baroque is a strip of Sicily where a spirit insists that is a direct emanation of a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere, made up not only of magnificent sculptures that rise to the sky and balconies that jut out overhead, but of a much more precious asset that defines a land: context.

Thus, it speaks of theunion of five cities and as many communities that are crossed by a continuous line of identity that gives form and substance to each and every aspect: the food, the square, the feast, the light, the drink and the welcome. The traveler is familiar with this interweaving of places that from street to valley reaches toward the sea; the tourist is aware that in these parts we tend to the sum of the senses. There is exaggeration with taste and salt, with stone and poetry, the land is baroque when it is cultivated and when it is the scene of religious festivals, in each of its emanations the details are abundant, they taste of adventure and familiarity, of chocolate, wine and the sacredness of life, urban, rural and maritime. The Destination experience presents itself to the traveler as total immersion in a way of life, rooted in centuries, handed down with traditions that are memory, attraction, fascination and mystification of order.

Branding. For the brand vision, we looked through a tourist’s eyes and then thought about his sense of smell, taste, and feel. Thus we were faced with the experience of being able to discover each day a fascinating layer that structures the dimension of a perfect trip, without a day of boredom, without risk of getting thirsty, and with a variety of landscape concentrated in a few kilometers ready to provide refreshment or bestow powerful rays of sunshine.

The Baroque qualifies this territory beyond all reasonable past and present theories.

Source: Tourist Destination Master Plan, available here