Riviera Kamarina


Kamarina beach is located right next to the archaeological site of the same name. valuable heritage of terrestrial and submarine archaeology.

A wide sandy shore of golden sand with shallow waters slopes gently into a crystal-clear sea of stunning shades of turquoise and blue at the ends of which are stretches of bathing rocks. Ideal for families with children, offers services and facilities.

The archaeological site of Kamarina
Kamarina, was an important colony of Syracuse founded in the early 6th century B.C. near the mouth of the Ippari River in the province of Ragusa. Rising as a defense of the territory, it became an important agricultural center and reference point for trade in the Hyblaean hinterland. It alternated between moments of prosperity and conflict and destruction until its greatest urban expansion in 339 B.C. only to be finally destroyed by the Arabs. Today it is the custodian of important archaeological finds, the acropolis shows the remains of the Temple of Athena. Finds unearthed during the excavations are preserved in the Archaeological Museums of Kamarina, Ragusa and Syracuse. The Kamarina Regional Museum is also a venue for extemporaneous exhibitions.

Tourist reception

The sea and beaches of Enjoy Barocco

Punta Secca, Kamarina, Torre di Mezzo, Caucana, Randello, Punta Braccetto. Light blue to sapphire blue, crystal clear, clean with deep stretches and shallow sandy bottoms, wide and long beaches surrounded by dunes of fine golden sand. In addition, Sampieri, Casuzze, Punta Secca and Caucana were recognized as Green Flag 2022 beaches.

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