Markets, live bingo, Santa’s house and cinema in the square

The Christmas season in Marina di Ragusa will be an opportunity to meet, reflect and share with markets and events for the little ones, starting with Santa’s House. There were also many solidarity initiatives. A concert of baroque music is scheduled for Dec. 8 inside the Church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo featuring internationally renowned musicians Catherine Montavon and Peter van de Geest. With narration by Roberto Benfenati. The Cuccia Party returns to Duke of the Abruzzi Square on December 10. In addition to the traditional Sicilian cake, typical of St. Lucy‘s Day, there will be sustainable and zero-mile products. Duca degli Abruzzi Square will be the setting for a living tombola on the afternoon of Dec. 26 and Dec. 29 for a Christmas movie classic.

The appointments for the new year

On January 1, the bravest can brave the cold with the traditional greeting to the New Year with a dip in the sea. In the afternoon, to embellish the first day of 2024, appointment with gospel atmospheres by Modica Gospel Choir. The schedule of events will conclude on Jan. 6: in the morning, the arrival of the witches is scheduled in Duca degli Abruzzi Square, and in the afternoon, finally, the performance in Tower Square of the Three Kings, with narration by Benedetto Guardiano.

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