A Tutto Volume – Books in Feast in Ragusa

From June 16 to 18, books fill the squares of Ragusa.

The fourteenth edition, of the literary festival “A Tutto Volume – Books in Ragusa Festival” is confirmed.

It will return on June 16, 17, and 18, 2023, welcoming many guests and celebrating books, authors, and readers in a combination of cultural vibrancy with the reappropriation of squares, alleys, and gardens between Upper Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla. On stages shaped like giant books, novelists, journalists, historians, philosophers, scientists will take turns in direct contact with passionate readers, ordinary citizens, curious tourists, not forgetting children and young people with special sections and dedicated workshops. From fiction to physics, from art to politics, via cooking and astronomy, promoted by the Foundation of the Arches under the artistic direction of Alessandro Di Salvo, the “A Tutto Volume” festival also promises for this edition to give a truly varied and original program. Starting with an absolute novelty, the section “The First Lesson of…” which will feature for the first time experts from different subjects explaining in a simple and engaging way topics that may sometimes appear “difficult” or particularly hostile, such as economics, mathematics, poetry, genetics to name a few examples. With this new section, the festival will allow topics of collective interest to be explored in an engaging way that is finally accessible to all.

Artistic director Alessandro Di Salvo, who will be joined by guest directors Antonio Pascale, Federico Taddia, Paolo Verri, and Massimo Polidoro, raises the spotlight on the festival’s goals: to get more books sold in bookstores, to create new readers, contradicting every statistic about Sicily and southern Italy.

Also planned are initiatives linked to the Network of Southern Italian Literary Festivals with shared planning.

The festival has been selected among Italy’s 30 most representative ones at the upcoming Turin Book Fair.

While waiting for the detailed program you can already mark in your diary the new dates of Ragusa’s long-awaited book festival www.atuttovolume.com


Jun 16 2023




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