Exploring Terroir and Grapes: Sensory Journey in Southeastern Sicily

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sicilian wines, a multisensory experience that embraces the richness of the Mediterranean landscape and flavors. Its thousand-year history, prime location, and scenic and cultural diversity will captivate you. The ancient legend of Odysseus and the Cyclops Polyphemus, as told by Homer, takes us to the Land of the Cyclops, Sicily, where sweet, full-bodied wine saved heroes and put enemies to sleep. This land is at the heart of an age-old wine-making tradition, a cultural and food heritage that permeates Sicilian daily life. Its origins date back to Phoenician times, as evidenced by ancient amphorae found in the Marsala area. Greek culture helped link wine to the Cult of Dionysus, god of intoxication and fertility, whose legends of travel and adventure often intertwined with the Sicilian shores of the Mediterranean. From symposia to Dionysian festivals, wine has always played a central role in island society and mythology.

Exploring the culinary treasures of Sicily also means immersing oneself in a world of unique flavors and aromas that go perfectly with the island’s renowned wines. Desserts such as cannolo, cassata, and almond paste pair beautifully with passiti and moscati, while caponata enhances its bittersweet balance with soft red wines such as Frappato. Pasta specialties such as Norma with eggplant, tomatoes and grated salted ricotta cheese should be accompanied by an aromatic and fresh white wine.

In this rich and dense land of history, culture, flavors, and mythology, the “Teruar event in May promises to be an unmissable experience for natural wine lovers. Scicli’s first natural wine fair aims to raise awareness of the figure of the winemaker and the idea of ethical viticulture, immersing itself in the culture of natural, biodynamic and artisanal wines. With more than 300 labels for tasting, 70 wineries in attendance and representatives from 15 regions of Italy, the event offers a unique opportunity to explore the diversity and quality of Italian wines.

But the surprises don’t end there: in June, the “
The Valdinoto Wine Route
” brings together wineries, farms, wine shops and restaurateurs operating in the area. This event opens the summer of wine tourism routes in southeastern Sicily, offering an unforgettable experience for true wine lovers.

Before concluding, here is a brief guide to wine tasting:


  • Make sure you have a clear glass, preferably tulip, to concentrate the aromas.
  • Check the temperature of the wine: white and sparkling wines are best served chilled, while reds can be slightly warmer.
  • Avoid strong scents and smells that might affect your perception of the wine.

The view:

  • Pour a small amount of wine into the glass and observe its color and clarity against a white background.
  • Tilt the glass slightly and observe the rim of the wine to assess its hue, which can provide clues to its age and body.

The sense of smell:

  • Gently shake the glass to release the aromas and bring it closer to the nose without touching it.
  • Inhaling slowly, try to identify the aromas in the wine: fruity, floral, herbaceous, spicy, roasted or earthy.


  • Take a small sip and let it move around in your mouth to distribute it over all areas of the tongue.
  • Note the texture of the wine (light, medium or full-bodied) and its acidity, sweetness and tannicity.
  • Try to identify the different flavors and nuances that emerge as the wine develops in the mouth.

Final evaluation:

  • Reflect on your overall impressions of the wine: did it impress you positively or negatively? What did you appreciate the most?
  • Consider its structure, complexity and taste persistence (length of aftertaste).

Always remember that wine is subjective and what matters most is the personal pleasure one gets from sipping it.

May your food and wine journey with Enjoy Barocco in Baroque Land be filled with unique sensory experiences and authentic encounters with the flavors of the Mediterranean. Cheers!

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