In the sign of the ancient pact, the dog with man

Ten artists and ten exclusive works in a cultural and solidarity initiative in favor of animal welfare associations.
From April 22 in Scicli the event “In the sign of the ancient pact, the dog with man” with art collective, study conference and 100 lithographs dedicated to art lovers.

SCICLI (RG) – In Scicli on April 22, 2023, the important artistic and civic kermis“In the sign of the ancient pact, the dog with man” will kick off at Palazzo Spadaro. The project was conceived and curated by Elisa Mandarà, art critic and Unicef Ragusa provincial president, who involved the Scicli animal welfare associations Argo Tierschutz Sizilien and Gli Amici di Italo, represented by president Claudia Marotta and delegates Resi Iurato and Franca Rita Russotto, respectively.

This is a kermesse sponsored by the City of Scicli, Unicef Italy, the Provincial Health Authority of Ragusa, realized with a contribution from the Presidency of the Assembly of the Sicilian Region and also supported by private individuals, a kermesse that involves the merit of some of the most significant contemporary Hyblean artistic personalities, masters whose cursus expositive and peculiarity of figure honor the Province of Ragusa.

The initiative focuses on the theme of animal rights protection. It consists of an exhibition and a conference. “The idea,” explains curator Elisa Mandarà, “of relevant civic urgency, draws its start from direct knowledge of the free activity that the aforementioned associations, Argo Tierschutz Sizilien and Gli Amici di Italo, carry out on a daily basis in support of and many times in lieu of institutions. The two associations, relying on a small number of volunteers, daily address the endemic problem of stray dogs with strength, ideal and concrete, and transparency, saving from death and precariousness a very large number of dogs, puppies, adults, affected, healthy.

Protective activities also target cats, albeit to a lesser extent, proportionate to emergencies that are detected.
In promoting adoptions The Friends of Italo is substantially supported in the Swiss territory by a group of female volunteers, gathered in the nonprofit pet adoption service organization Gadi. The work of the associations relies on the free voluntary energies of its members, a small number of people, almost all of them women, supported by the modest income from free donations, driven by the credibility the associations have gained over time. Most adoptions, all of which are excellent and then followed up over time, take place in Germany and Switzerland, with a verified and verifiable respect for the welfare of each dog.”

It will therefore be the evocative language of art that will support the kermesse, thanks to the generous support of Ten Hyblaean artists, four of them, Masters Carmelo Candiano, Giuseppe Colombo, Franco Polizzi, and Giuseppe Puglisi, who are part of the Scicli Group, the celebrated Sicilian cenacle that had already lent its commitment to the cause of straying in the past, and the equally renowned masters Arturo Barbante, Salvo Barone, Giovanni Blanco, Salvo Catania Zingali, Giovanni La Cognata, and Giovanni Robustelli.
The exhibition consists of a distilled exclusive group show, which will be officially presented at the vernissage on April 22, gathering valuable actors from the Hyblean artistic scene, artists who represent our most celebrated creativity. From the masters, the curator asked for an original dialogue with the theme of the solidarity pact, thousands of years old, between man and dog.

The conference will include a special focus on straying; it will take place in the main hall of Palazzo Spadaro, an evocative 18th-century site, which will also host the prospective exhibition, in the rooms in front of the main hall, through the kind hospitality of the City of Scicli. “It intends to build a bridge,” Elisa Mandarà continues, “between institutions and animal welfare associations.”, foreseeing illustrious institutional figures such as Pietro Schembri, representing the Sicilian Region, Gaetano Gintoli and Federico Ottaviano, for the Provincial Health Authority of Ragusa, and authoritative voices of national animal volunteerism, such as Alessandra Ferrari, for Lav Italia, Ornella Speciale, Coordinator for the Sicily Region of the Nucleo di Guardie Eco-Zoofile OIPA Italia OdV, Lilia Casali, President of Animal Liberation, along with, of course, the five members of the initiative’s Promoting Committee, Elisa Mandarà, Resi Iurato, Claudia Marotta, Franca Rita Russotto, Rita Trovato, legal advisor, by way of liberality, of the Friends of Italo.
The project also includes the creation of a catalog, authored by Elisa Mandarà, and a limited numbered series of valuable lithographs, made by Gianni Mania, ten for each of the works in the exhibition, for a total of one hundred lithographs, which will be made available for acquisition, by the public, against a donation. All proceeds will be donated to the associations, for expenses that they will take care to publish. The initiative is aimed at institutions and the public. Ideal target audiences include students from provincial schools, who will be appropriately involved.

The opening and conference will be held on April 22, 2023, from 4:30 p.m., in significant symbolic coincidence with World Earth Day. The exhibition will be held from April 22 to May 22, 2023; it can be visited daily from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
The Promoting Committee is very keen to represent sincere gratitude to the service clubs promoting the initiative, namely the Lions Club Scicli Plaga Iblea and the Kiwanis Scicli, and in particular to presidents Melania Carrubba and Consuelo Pacetto, to the professional figures collaborating in the initiative, photographers Gianni Mania and Giulio Bellomia, the MediaLive press office, and to the sponsors who have contributed, with ARS, to the realization of the kermesse, in each of its parts: the Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa, Agrisole, Agriplast, Emporio degli Animali, Gli Aromi, Gioie e Gioielli, Impronte, La Grotta, Scicli, Siriac, Toys In.

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