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Enhancing the Baroque Land at the BIT in Milan: the LAG promotes the area together with the “Enjoy Barocco” project and the Gambero Rosso Annex

The charm of “Enjoy Barocco” is told at the BIT in Milan with the Gambero Rosso attachment

The streets of the Nativity Scenes of Scicli

Visits to Montalbano’s house, music and tastings: the Christmas program in Santa Croce Camarina and Punta Secca

Christmas in Marina di Ragusa under the banner of culture, traditions and conviviality

Chocomodica 2023 returns to Modica from December 7 to 10

“Ragusa behind the curtain,” featuring the verses of Italo Calvino.

Baroque in every sense

Sicily nominated as ‘gastronomic region of Europe’

Ragusa Behind the Curtain

Goblets under the stars in Punta Secca: back for the second edition

Concluded the three-day “Barocco Heritage” promoted by the tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco.”

Ephemeral apparatuses to greet royalty at court. This is also Baroque

A new awareness of the splendor of Unesco cultural heritage in Baroque Land.

Kicking off Baroque Heritage from this Friday, May 5

Baroque Land Conquers Holland

The Terra Barocca GAL officially unveiled the tourism destination web portal “Enjoy Barocco”

Premiered at Bit in Milan the video “48 hours in Baroque Land”

Tourism: the DMO “EnJOY BAROCCO” in preview at the Bit in Milan presents the video made by “Lonely Planet.”

Inauguration on October 28, 2022 of the new “Enjoy Barocco” infopoint, bistro and bookshop services at Donnafugata Castle

Enjoy Barocco