Welcome to Scicli, the town of nativity scenes! In this enchanting corner of Sicily, there is a Christmas event that captures everyone’s heart: Le Vie dei Presepi. This unique festival has become a major local tourist attraction, thanks to the initiative of Sciclian families who open the doors of their homes during the Christmas season to share the magic of the Nativity with visitors.

Imagine walking through the picturesque streets of Scicli, transformed into an enchanting illuminated path. Here, you can admire a variety of nativity scenes, each with its own style and uniqueness, created with passion and devotion by local families. The Christmas lights and decorations that grace the city add a magical touch to this experience.

But there is more. Le Vie dei Presepi is not only a tribute to the nativity tradition; it is also a celebration of the hospitality and generosity of the Scicli community. Families open the doors of their homes, inviting you to immerse yourself in local culture and traditions, giving you an engaging and authentic experience. The sites on the itinerary are: the St. Bartholomew’s Crib in the Church of St. Bartholomew, the “Chiafura” nativity scene in Tasca Street, the Caruso Family Crib, on Parini Street, the Nativity scene in Don Carmelo’s grotto on Timponello Street, the nativity scene in the Cento Scale cave on Dolomites Street, joined by the nativity scene in the Mother Church, the nativity scene in Santa Maria la Nova Church, the nativity scene of the Sammito family on Tiber Street, and the nativity scene of Miss Maria Grazia Arrabitoon National Street.

This festival not only unites the local community, but also attracts visitors from all over the world eager to experience the magic of Christmas in a unique way. Scicli, with its Streets of Cribs, becomes an irresistible Christmas destination, promoting tourism in the region and offering everyone the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary celebration. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this enchanting celebration and discover the beauty and warmth of Scicli during the Christmas season!

Find out about the event and all the initiatives organized for the engaging Scicli Christmas!

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