Baroque Land and Easter told by the travel bloggers of Enjoy Barocco’s “Social Trip”

A multi-voiced account by travel bloggers who participated in the first “Social Trip” promoted by the unique tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco.” Last year three Dutch travel bloggers Tim Vermeer, Shauna Mols and Anne Claessens and two American travel bloggers, Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian, were invited to tell the Baroque Land through the eyes of the tourist and visitor. The Dutch had the opportunity to attend the Easter rites while the Americans attended the December events. In their travel blogs, which are widely followed in their target countries, they told about their experiences and Easter traditions. Visiting Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Santa Croce Camerina, travel bloggers were able to fully immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of this land rich in history, art and gastronomy. Thanks to the initiative promoted by the Dmo Enjoy Barocco, they were able to witness, in the case of the Dutch, millenary rituals and popular festivities that celebrate Easter in an intense and engaging way.
One of the most touching experiences was participating in the Madonna Vasa Vasa in Modica, an evocative rite in which the statue of the Madonna, in a gesture of joy at Christ’s Resurrection, abandons her black mantle to kiss her Risen Son. In Scicli, they were able to experience the Feast of Joy, a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds accompanying the procession of the Risen Christ through the streets of the city.

But the Dutch travel bloggers’ trip was not limited to religious celebrations. They had the opportunity to explore the magnificent churches and baroque monuments, which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as enjoy local culinary delicacies. Among the specialties tasted were the unfailing“scacce,” meat“pastizzi” and ricotta cassatelle, accompanied by tastings of Modica chocolate and fresh ricotta from the Massari company.
Thanks to the initiative’s partners, travel bloggers were also able to enjoy moments of relaxation and beauty, such as rich breakfasts at the Palazzo degli Antoci in Ragusa or breathtaking sunsets from the Cozzo di Papaleo farmhouse. Excursions by electric bicycle through the alleyways of Ibla and along the golden shores of Punta Braccetto further enriched their journey, giving them unforgettable views.A plunge into history with excursions to Cava d’Ispica.
After sharing some moments of their trip on social media, travel bloggers explained their travel experience, even suggesting possible routes, in their articles, thus bringing additional visibility to Terra Barocca and its cultural richness. Thanks to the “Enjoy Barocco” project and the contribution of these influencers, travel-loving weblectors are discovering this part of Sicily rich in charm and authenticity.

Some posts on their blogs to follow!

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