Joint promotion of the twelve municipalities in the Ragusa region

One brochure and program, for the first time.

“Vasate,” “unveiling,” confraternities, processions filled with Joy jumping through the crowd, Peace: this is the extraordinary charm of Easter in the Iblees.

The beauty of our territory lies in the richness of its differences, which is why the 12 municipalities of the province and the Gal iblei have decided to jointly promote Easter celebrations; ancient rites to be experienced in an area that is in the midst of spring, awakening the senses.

It is an initiative that aims to enhance regional and national religious tourism; it is an opportunity to make people understand how in this corner of Sicily it is enough to move just a few kilometers to discover traditions, heritages, and beauties that are as diverse as they are connected.

“We are convinced that even those who were born and raised here will have a way to discover the traditions of neighboring countries, experience the whole Easter of the Iblei by consulting a single brochure available here, the mayors declare.

“It was not easy to bring together all the peculiarities of the different municipalities, all the programs of the many organizing committees, but we believe that such actions should become the practice for an area that can increase its attractiveness simply by teaming up.”

The municipalities of:

  • Acate
  • Chiaramonte Gulfi
  • Comiso
  • Giarratana
  • Ispica
  • Modica
  • Monterosso Almo
  • Pozzallo
  • Ragusa
  • Santa Croce Camerina
  • Scicli
  • Victory

In synergy with the Gal:
Baroque Land
Gulf Valleys

Scicli, March 7, 2024

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