Delivered copies of red shrimp attachment dedicated to Enjoy Barocco tourism destination

Shapes, colors, flavors. Officially handed over to the representatives of the 5 municipalities of the Terra Barocca LAG the copies of the attachment “Enjoy Barocco” made by the prestigious magazine Gambero Rosso and on newsstands, last May, in 44 thousand copies throughout Italy.

Saturday’s handover ceremony at Modica’s Teatro Garibaldi will feature LAG president Maria Monisteri, director Salvatore Occhipinti, Gambero Rosso editor-in-chief Stefano Polacchi and food and wine journalist Clara Minissale.

The unique tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco,” created with the adhesion of nearly a hundred tourism operators, agricultural enterprises, foundations, dioceses, associations and led by MediaLive, has in fact chosen to join a proposal of Gambero Rosso with the aim of further enhancing the territories of the municipalities of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Santa Croce Camerina and Ispica, Saturday represented respectively by Deputy Mayor Gianni Giuffrida, Councilor Tino Antoci, Councilor Concetta Portelli, Mayor Peppe Dimartino and Councilor Giuseppe Barone.

The special attachment was geared not only to the excellent food and wine peculiarities that overall the “Terra Barocca” can offer visitors but also to the monumental and natural beauty that characterize these places in Southeastern Sicily, a treasure to be discovered that combines culture, history, sea, nature and taste. In this sense, the appendix also becomes a tool available to tourists because it offers suggestions and advice on what to visit in “Terra Barocca.”

The speeches by Polacchi and Miniasse were interesting, who focused on territorial marketing related to food and wine offerings, emphasizing how the orientation of the tourism sector is moving toward experiences to be lived directly on site.

At the same time, copies of the annex were also handed over to representatives of the member Consorzi di Tutela, specifically Enzo Cavallo for the Ragusano Dop Cheese Consortium, and Nino Scivoletto for the Consorzio del Cioccolato di Modica Igp, and to some of the tourism and restaurant operators who spoke during the ceremony.

Enjoy Barocco aims to make our area more and more known, even outside the regional borders, through the combination of a rich offer of quality food and wine and fascinating tourist routes,” stressed Maria Monisteri, president of GAL Terra Barocca. “In a historical period in which it is important to differentiate ourselves in the tourist market, it is necessary to look at experiential tourism, as suggested, data in hand, even by journalist Polacchi. And Terra Barocca holds all the cards.”

July 17, 2023

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