Food and wine tourism in Baroque: tomorrow in Modica Focus with Stefano Polacchi, editor-in-chief of Gambero Rosso, and official delivery to the municipalities of Gal Terra Barocca of the special insert dedicated to “ENJOY BAROQUE”

MODICA – Enjoy Barocco, the tourist destination created with the aim of promoting the municipalities and tourist resources of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Santa Croce Camerina and Ispica adhering to the GAL Terra Barocca, together with the prestigious food and wine magazine Gambero Rosso, have collaborated in recent months to produce a special insert dedicated to the extraordinary beauty of our land and offering excellent food and wine.

A special attachment entitled “Enjoy Barocco – Shapes, Colors and Flavors,” which was successfully distributed to all newsstands in Italy last May with the intention of telling the story of our Sicilian Baroque, a treasure that combines culture, history, sea, nature and taste. Through the combination of a rich offer of quality food and wine and fascinating tourist routes, the initiative aims to make our land increasingly known and discovered even and especially outside the regional borders. As a collateral initiative of this important project, a meeting will be held tomorrow, Saturday, July 15, at the Garibaldi Theater in Modica, starting at 11 a.m., at which representatives of the municipalities belonging to the local action group area will be present, along with Maria Monisteri and Salvatore Occhipinti, president and director, respectively, of GAL Terra Barocca, Stefano Polacchi, editor-in-chief of Gambero Rosso magazine, and Clara Minissale, a journalist specializing in food and wine.

The meeting will be an opportunity to talk about territorial marketing related to food and the exceptional food and wine offerings of our province also well encapsulated in the Enjoy Barocco project.

At the same time, copies of the special insert will be symbolically handed over to representatives of the Terra Barocca LAG municipalities.

Never before has it been more important than in this historical period to position and differentiate a tourism-oriented territory such as ours in the market in order to attract and meet the needs of tourists, investors, entrepreneurs and residents by promoting its image, potential and resources.

Tomorrow’s meeting, which is open to the public and operators, is intended to explore and publicize the initiatives that first and foremost the Terra Barocca LAG has undertaken and intends to undertake to make the wonders of the province of Ragusa even better known.

Appointment then in Modica, at the Garibaldi Theater starting at 11 a.m.

July 14, 2023

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