On May 4 and 5, the city of Ragusa is preparing to host an extraordinary event: the Mascarata a cultural festival dedicated to the celebration of the city and its rebirth. This unique event, organized by the Pietra Viva Association with the support of the City of Ragusa and the Libero Consorzio Comunale di Ragusa, promises to be an unforgettable experience that embraces different art forms and celebrates the rich history and uniqueness of the city’s two historic centers.

Mascarata was created as part of the Baroque Spring, a period that celebrates the post-earthquake architecture and art that characterizes Ragusa’s urban landscape. The main goal of the event is to rediscover the beauty of the area and architecture through a focus on masks, the sculptures that adorn Baroque corbels and have become guardians of the city’s historical evolution.

The event is developed in three distinctive phases, each of which offers the audience a unique and engaging experience. The cultural phase begins with a panel discussion titled “The Thousand Faces of Masks,” during which scholars and connoisseurs of the area will discuss the function and expressiveness of these fascinating works of art. This is followed by cultural and historical outreach walks under the balconies of the city’s buildings, offering participants the opportunity to explore Ragusa’s history and architecture.

The artistic phase of Mascarata is manifested through a series of extraordinary events, including the group exhibition “Witnesses of Time” at La Rocca Palace, traveling theatrical performances dedicated to masks and two art workshops. These events will offer the public an opportunity to immerse themselves in the art and culture of Ragusa, discovering new perspectives and interpretations of masks and their significance to the city.

The highlight of Mascarata is the expressive stage, which includes a spectacular goliardic parade accompanied by a street band. The parade will traverse the streets from Upper Ragusa to Ragusa Ibla, involving social aggregation groups in staging performances of performing arts inspired by the themes of Baroque balconies. Live music and entertainment moments will make the atmosphere festive and engaging for all participants.

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