Premiered at Bit in Milan the video “48 hours in Baroque Land” made by Lonely Planet

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Michele Barbagallo for MediaLive

“48 Hours in Terra Barocca” was produced by Lonely Planet to promote the “Enjoy Barocco” tourist destination that unites the municipalities of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Santa Croce Camerina under the aegis of GAL Terra Barocca.

Presented as an absolute premiere at Bit in Milan, the video “48 Hours in Baroque Land” made by Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel guide.

It promotes the tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco,” already present online with the website and through social channels.

Guests of the Sicilian Region’s stand, journalists, travelers and industry professionals had the opportunity to “taste” the tourist destination that includes the territories of the municipalities of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Santa Croce Camerina, united under the aegis of the GAL Terra Barocca. A unique destination capable of offering a clean, unspoiled coastline with resorts boasting a blue flag for the sea and a green flag for beaches of fine golden sand, suitable for families and children. And also extraordinary Baroque monuments that have become World Heritage Sites, excellent food and wine with Igp, Dop, Doc, Docg products, with an offer ranging from typical trattorias to starred restaurants. Countryside and rural settings that invite a relaxed, slow lifestyle alongside thriving agriculture, with producers allowing for experiences among the fields and stables. In addition, the destination offers high-quality accommodations, hotels, vacation homes, bed and breakfasts, luxury mansions, farmhouses, and campgrounds, which provide comfort and relaxation to tourists. An offer capable of pleasing all types of visitors, for all ages and all times of the year.

It was precisely with this in mind that Lonely Planet produced the promotional video of the tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco,” launched at the input of the Terra Barocca LAG and curated by a public-private partnership created through an open call for proposals and headed by more than 70 players in the accommodation and tourism sector, led by the communications and events agency MediaLive, all united to propose harmonious itineraries, enhance the territory, and incentivize its fruition and seasonal adjustment.

The presentation, which is included in the schedule of initiatives of the Sicilian Region, was attended by the representative of the Dmo, Carmelo Saccone, the director of Lonely Planet Italy, Angelo Pittro, the director of GAL Terra Barocca, Salvatore Occhipinti, the professor of the University of Catania as well as coordinator of the planning group of the tourism masterplan of the destination Enjoy Barocco, Marco Platania, and Rosario Dibennardo accountable manager of Sac, the company that manages the airports of Catania and Comiso.

With a strong visual impact, the video “48 Hours in Baroque Land” is very emotional and between colors and flavors, nature and architecture, with evocative images and outstanding testimonies, it tells about the various municipal territories but precisely promoting them as a single destination. A narrative that is a journey through the Baroque Land, starting from the fascinating Ragusa and arriving at the belvedere of Modica, passing through the churches of Ispica, the noble buildings of Scicli and the beautiful beaches of Santa Croce Camerina. In these territories, known worldwide also thanks to the series dedicated to Inspector Montalbano, cities merge with the sea, tradition meets innovation, art becomes history, culture marries food, and the beauty of nature reflects the warmth of the Hyblean welcome.

An engaging video featuring prominent testimonials, with a cameo by singer-songwriter Giovanni Caccamo and with a talk by writer Costanza DiQuattro, an illustration of the Hyblean Way carried out by environmental guide Nanni Di Falco, and the world of food and wine presented by star chef Vincenzo Candiano. A perfectly joined narrative by Luigi Farrauto, author of Lonely Planet and which from this Friday, February 17, will be available on social and web channels. Baroque, the sea, sand dunes, splendid views, Modica chocolate, Ragusano Dop cheese and all other typical products of excellence, together with respect for the territory, paths of environmental sustainability, a lively cultural offer and a careful tourist reception, are the valuable segments of “Enjoy Barocco – Sicilian experience.” “Terra Barocca is the cradle of my soul,” singer-songwriter Giovanni Caccamo says in the video as he plays the piano on stage at Modica’s Teatro Garibaldi. “It is the cradle of many souls, but above all it is the cradle of slowness. For an artist there is a precious element, which is contemplation. And surely the Terra Barocca is its custodian.” And these are precisely the feelings that pervade visitors when they come to this strip of Sicily, where they can get lost and find themselves at the same time.

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