Playa grande


A picturesque bay with golden sand dunes and a beautiful cobalt-blue sea, with seabed sloping towards the open sea that is reached by walking through dense, fragrant Mediterranean scrub. The beach extends on the edge of the Irminio River Nature Reserve for about 600 m ending with a stretch of bathing rocks.

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The sea and beaches of Enjoy Barocco

Cava D’aliga, Marina di Ragusa, Playa Grande, Donnalucata, Sampieri, Punta Pisciotto, Fornace Penna. Light blue to sapphire blue, crystal clear, clean with deep stretches and shallow sandy bottoms, wide and long beaches surrounded by dunes of fine golden sand. Sampieri, Casuzze, Punta Secca and Caucana were recognized as Green Flag 2022 beaches.

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