Cava D'Aliga


The small beach is located in the middle of two large cliffs that enjoy a picturesque viewpoint especially at sunset. The sand is golden and fine, washed by a clear blue sea. The beach is free, and beach volleyball courts are set up in summer. Frequented mostly by young people.

The special feature of this beautiful coastal stretch is the naturalistic beauty of small cliffs eroded in places by wave motion, which over time have become real caves, such as the striking Smugglers’ Cave. In the early afternoon hours it enjoys a special light that makes it look like a real piece of paradise.

Punta Corvo and the beach of Costa di Carro

Of great naturalistic interest is the area of Punta Corvo, where there is an old, now abandoned lighthouse. Characteristic are its jagged cliffs and small inlets covered with dwarf palms. Ideal place for those who like to dive and snorkel. Punta Corvo is part of the Costa di Carro Suburban Park, a nature reserve of nearly 2 km of rocky coastline interrupted by the intimate beach of Costa di Carro sheltered by sand dunes and small palm trees, an unspoiled nature, ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea in peace.

Tourist reception

The sea and beaches of Enjoy Barocco

Cava D’aliga, Marina di Ragusa, Playa Grande, Donnalucata, Sampieri, Punta Pisciotto, Fornace Penna. Light blue to sapphire blue, crystal clear, clean with deep stretches and shallow sandy bottoms, wide and long beaches surrounded by dunes of fine golden sand. Sampieri, Casuzze, Punta Secca and Caucana were recognized as Green Flag 2022 beaches.

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