Exploring Sicily with the Heart: Enjoy Barocco through the eyes of Alessandra

Alessandra, a passionate traveler, explored Terra Barocca with curiosity and desire, discovering villages and landscapes. His images and words captured the authenticity and beauty of Enjoy Barocco. Thanks to her, we discovered that traveling is an experience that goes beyond exploration, enriching hearts and minds.

St. Joseph’s “dinners” and celebration in Santa Croce Camerina

Flavors of yesteryear on tables set with every good thing. In Santa Croce Camerina, in the province of Ragusa, this is how the feast of St. Joseph is celebrated. This ancient festival is characterized by a large procession, the preparation of traditional dinners, and participation in numerous performances.

The Flower Cavalcade at St. Joseph’s in Scicli

The feast of St. Joseph in Scicli is one of the most important events, with ancient and deep roots, characterized by many different moments related to tradition, including the famous bonfires. These bonfires were made in every neighborhood, around which people gathered to celebrate the saint and moments of conviviality.

The festival of lovers among the villages of Terra Barocca!

Where, if not in Sicily could Andrea Camilleri find inspiration for his famous stories? A series of places clustered around Ragusa in the southeast of the island, Ibla, Scicli, Modica, Ispica, Punta Secca and the small seaside villages: the Sicily of “Inspector Montalbano “.