Easter in the Iblei

Joint promotion of the twelve municipalities in the Ragusa region One brochure and program, for the first time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDYlOcZLT8E “Vasate,” “unveiling,” confraternities, processions filled with Joy jumping through the crowd, Peace: this is the extraordinary charm of Easter in the Iblees. The beauty of our territory lies in the richness of its differences, which is […]

Baroque Land and Easter told by the travel bloggers of Enjoy Barocco’s “Social Trip”

Dutch and American travel bloggers are participating in the first “Social Trip” organized by “Enjoy Barocco,” experiencing Easter rites and events in December. The Dutch experienced Easter rites, while Americans participated in December events. Through their travel blogs, they shared their experiences and Easter traditions in their countries. Visiting cities such as Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Santa Croce Camerina, they explored the history, art and gastronomy of the Baroque Land. They participated in millennial rites and popular celebrations, such as the Madonna Vasa Vasa in Modica and the Gioia festival in Scicli. They also tasted local culinary specialties and visited baroque churches and monuments. They enjoyed moments of relaxation and beauty, such as sumptuous breakfasts and breathtaking sunsets. Electric bike rides and visits to Cava d’Ispica further enriched their trip.

Exploring Baroque Land at BIT, a Celebration of Culture, Food and Wine and Collaboration

During BIT in Milan, “Enjoy Barocco” was presented, an event highlighting the Baroque Land, highlighting its scenic beauty, artistic heritage and authentic cuisine. Through the presentation of typical local products and the direct involvement of tour operators, reflections emerged on the importance of experiential tourism and public-private sector collaboration to promote the region. In addition, positive data was shared on the increase of tourism in the Baroque Land, confirming the success of the event and the ongoing efforts to promote this unique destination.

Easter in Baroque Land: Sacredness, Traditions and Gastronomy of Excellence

Easter in Terra Barocca is a unique experience that celebrates the spirituality, traditions and excellent gastronomy of the region that encompasses the towns of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Santa Croce Camerina. During Holy Week, each town offers unique events and rituals: in Ispica, there is a moving historical re-enactment, in Ragusa there are ancient rites and an evocative Living Stations of the Cross, in Modica the Madonna Vasa Vasa is celebrated, and in Scicli there is the joyous procession of “U Gioia.” Santa Croce Camerina is shrouded in devotion and tradition. In addition to spirituality, Easter is an opportunity to enjoy traditional Sicilian dishes, thus completing an unforgettable Easter experience.

The streets of the Nativity Scenes of Scicli

Welcome to Scicli, the town of nativity scenes! In this enchanting corner of Sicily, there is a Christmas event that captures everyone’s heart: Le Vie dei Presepi. This unique festival has become a major local tourist attraction, thanks to the initiative of Sciclian families who open the doors of their homes during the Christmas season […]

“Ragusa behind the curtain,” featuring the verses of Italo Calvino.

Ragusa dietro il sipario Italo Calvino

A veritable “sky of words,” with verses by Italo Calvin, will welcome the second edition of “Ragusa Behind the Curtain,” the biennial festival dedicated to the crafts of theater and art, to Ibla from Thursday. In a totally new and totally artistic guise Ragusa Ibla will welcome from this Thursday, Sept. 28, the second edition […]

Baroque in every sense

Giovanni Caccamo opens the “Baroque in All Senses” festival Wednesday, Sept. 6 OPEN SESAME – Words of change: Every beauty, Madonna 8 p.m. Gonfalone Quarry – admission allowed from 7:30 p.m. Love declined, a tribute to woman, holy and female, between the sacred and the profane, in an articulate program that will feature Giovanni Caccamo […]

Barocco in tutti i Sensi

Genuino e sincero come la fiducia che ci avete accordato, il 6, 8 e 10 settembre risuonerà ancora – nella sua seconda edizione – in quel luogo che ha permesso la rinascita di Ragusa e del suo barocco dopo il terremoto del 1693: cava Gonfalone Barocco in tutti i sensi  sarà protagonista di tre serate – […]

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