The Terra Barocca GAL officially unveiled the tourism destination web portal “Enjoy Barocco”

Press Office
– Michele Barbagallo

Online the “Enjoy Barocco” tourism destination portal.

GAL Terra Barocca
presented it today with the aim of offering a fascinating narrative, including multimedia, with photos, videos and texts, concerning the territories of the municipalities of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Santa Croce Camerina, which are the five municipalities falling under the local action group.

The portal also promotes the tourism destination crosswise, focusing on five main attractors such as culture, events, food and wine, nature and sea/beaches. Within the website, created by the company PI4, winner of an overall tender that also includes promotional actions on social media, there is also space for blog articles, the calendar of main events, and the tourist facilities that are members of the Enjoy Barocco Dmo partnership. It will gradually be implemented by new destination information.
During the press conference, Clorinda Arezzo, councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Ragusa, Giuseppe Barone, deputy mayor of Ispica, Luca Agnello, president of the Municipal Council of Santa Croce Camerina, Peppe Puglisi, councillor for territorial promotion of the Municipality of Scicli, Giovanni Gurrieri, member of the GAL Terra Barocca board of directors, Salvatore Occhipinti, director of the GAL Terra Barocca, and Professor Marco Platania, professor at the University of Catania, all expressed their satisfaction with the work done, highlighting the common goals that make it possible to focus on the enhancement of a single tourist destination, breaking down municipalisms and working together and in a united way for the territory.

In addition, the press conference was an opportunity to take stock of the preview presentation at the Milan Bit Of the video “48 Hours in Baroque Land“, carried out by Lonely Planet, the world’s most important and authoritative travel guide, and from this Friday, February 17, will be available on social channels, transforming into an extraordinary national promotional action.
Domenica Ficano, acting president of the GAL Terra Barocca, on behalf of all public (the 5 municipalities) and private members of the GAL Terra Barocca, declares, “We are very pleased with the results so far and the growing interest in the Terra Barocca. With the “Enjoy Barocco” portal and the promotional actions that will be put in place, we are confident that we can offer visitors a unique and unforgettable tourist experience.”

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