More Baroque in confrontation on the second day of the “Barocco Heritage” event promoted by the unique tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco” to celebrate the Unesco recognition for the late Baroque cities that are part of the Terra Barocca LAG but also to offer, through side events, shows, guided tours and special openings, the chance for tourists and visitors to be able to get to know the five municipalities belonging to the local action group up close.

After the literary aspects (yesterday in Ragusa in the day curated by professors Carmelo Occhipinti and Claudio Castelletti of Tor Vergata University and with moderator Sandra Condorelli) today in Modica, at the Palazzo della Cultura, national and international experts and academics compared on aspects related to Baroque architecture in Sicily and the Mediterranean. Reference to cultural transference, to the reception of models and techniques employed at construction sites between the 17th and 18th centuries, to the construction aspect of ephemeral apparatuses at triumphal court entrances, and to Baroque and neo-Baroque contaminations even beyond the Sicilian context.

The day, curated by Valentina Burgassi (Polytechnic University of Turin, Department of Architecture and Design, Construction History Research Centre – École Pratique des Hautes Études, PSL, Paris) and moderated by Gaia Nuccio (University of Palermo), analyzed the different points of view, with a look at France, with Prof. Sabine Frommel (École Pratique des Hautes Études, PSL, Paris) and then analyzed Spanish sources with Jonatan Jair López Muñoz (Universidad de Zaragoza) and then the more local areas with the account of the masters and architects who worked in the reconstruction of the Val di Noto, thanks to the report by Prof. Marco Rosario Nobile (University of Palermo) and of the interventions in the “County” of Modica in the second half of the 18th century with the talk by Prof. Armando Antista (University of Palermo).

Also of interest are the insights offered by Fulvio Lenzo (IUAV University of Venice) with “The Palace of the King of Sicily” and Burgassi herself regarding the scenic apparatuses, the yards of the ephemeral, that celebrated the royals as they passed through the cities. Prof. Saverio Sturm (University of Roma Tre) spoke about Baroque and late Baroque contaminations, completing a picture that provided content for the subsequent discussion. Finally, a greeting via video link came from Teresa Gualtieri (President FICLU – Italian Federation of Associations and Clubs for UNESCO).

This Sunday is the last day of “Baroque Heritage” with the scientific appointment scheduled in Scicli, at Palazzo Spadaro. Among the expected guests is Christian Greco, the director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin.

In the afternoon the side events in the LAG Terra Barocca municipalities (Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Santa Croce Camerina, Ispica).
In Scicli there will also be the opening, for the first time, of the ballroom of the Mormino Penna Palace.

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