Excellent food and wine and the beauty of the Baroque Land in the May attachment of Gambero Rosso dedicated to the unique tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco.”
It has also been available in the digital newsstand for a few days after distribution took place throughout Italy.

RAGUSA – 76 pages and 10 chapters recount the excellent food and wine of the Baroque Land but also its monuments, natural beauty, beaches and sea. It is dedicated to the unique tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco” the May supplement of the important monthly magazine “Gambero Rosso.” It is a tale, in text and images, of the goodness and excellence of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Santa Croce Camerina, the municipalities of the GAL Terra Barocca which, among art and flavors, fascinate and bewitch visitors.

An extraordinary area, famous for its baroque architecture, protected by UNESCO, but also for its nature, culture and food and wine. Thanks to the “Enjoy Barocco” project, which is led by MediaLive and to which nearly a hundred partners refer, the richness of an area influenced over the centuries by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and other peoples who took turns in dominating the island, leaving important evidence of their presence, is enhanced with this attachment, already sold out in many Italian newsstands. Even in food and wine where millennia-old traditions continue to coexist to this day. And it is precisely thanks to “Enjoy BaroccoBaroque” that the Baroque Land that holds some of the best-known products that have obtained international certifications is exalted.

This is the land of production of the delicious parallelepiped Ragusano Dop cheese (chosen for the cover) and this is the birthplace of Modica Igp Chocolate, two products exported all over the world and gastronomic symbols of Sicily. In addition, from the centuries-old trees in the countryside and dry stone walls comes the Monti Iblei PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which here reaches heights of exceptional quality thanks to the perfect integration of terroir and cultivars such as Tonda Iblea and Moresca. And then there is Cerasuolo di Vittoria, the only DOCG recognized throughout Sicily, the pride of wineries that produce high-quality wines, thanks to soils rich in minerals and limestone.

The appendix suggests the most interesting destinations and addresses to immerse yourself in this area rich in art, history and flavors. A kind of guide through which you can discover the beauty of this strip of Sicily and get suggestions for choosing the best time of year to visit it. An extraordinary tool to effectively promote the areas of the unique tourist destination “Enjoy Barocco,” undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting tourist destinations in Southern Italy, continuing the enhancement activities also initiated through other actions including the beautiful video “48 Hours in Baroque Land” made together with Lonely Planet, the recent social trip or the many initiatives for Barocco Heritage.
And after all, this area is a veritable mine of artistic and cultural treasures.

But the beauty of the Enjoy Barocco area does not end with the cities of art: the entire area also offers splendid beaches, unspoiled parks and reserves, providing a unique opportunity to get in touch with nature and enjoy breathtaking views, while simultaneously tasting excellent food and wine products expertly transformed by starred and non-starred chefs. Just to further promote the spread of the “Enjoy Barocco” supplement, given the great interest registered after its release on newsstands throughout Italy, Gambero Rosso has made it available free of charge on its digital newsstand for a few days now.

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